We hope you’ll find helpful information about the church planting ministry Keith and Debby Jones are involved with in southern Milan in the town of Rozzano.

Our Family is multilingual and multinational. Keith was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Deborah was born in Palermo, Italy, Luca in Grand Rapids Michigan, Chiara in Pavia, Italy, and Sofia in Milan, Italy. Since Debby’s background is Swiss/German, and Keith’s is Spanish/North American, at home we have fun with the variety of cultures and languages (and foods!) that make up our heritage.

Our sending church is Maplelawn Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (www.maplelawnbaptist.com)

Our mission is to plant Biblical, Gospel centered churches in Southern Milan. Rozzano, a town of 40,000 with no gospel witness, is our target at present. (www.comune.rozzano.mi.it)

We collaborate with Jim and Karen Albright. The Albrights minister primarily to the international community of Milan (population 380,000) through the ministry of the International Church of Milan.